Free S-Log 2 Footage

I decided to go out and film some shots in Log in order for others to download the files and practice color grading Log footage on their own. You can download the zip file below.

The Camera settings

The following footage was shot on Sony A7iii. I used the S-Log 2 picture profile, and S-Gamut for the color mode, shot at 800 ISO.

 Egpyt - Color graded inside of Davinci Resolve.

Whats in the Zip?

The three clips you see on the page are the three files that come in the zip file. The files are exported out DNxHD, which is the closest thing to Proress 4444 in my opinion.

Grand Canyon - Color graded inside of Davinci Resolve

Color grading

As mentioned the stills above were colored inside of Davinci Resolve. The clips can be graded in any editing platform you use. (Adobe Premire Pro, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut pro). Here are the flat S-Log 2 files of the images above:

Download free S-Log 2 footage HERE.  If you want to show me what you did with the clips you can always find me on Instagram.

Interested in color grading ?

If you are interested in color grading check out my Filmmakers Powergrade and my Color page.

Free Black Magic 6k Footage

Download free Black Magic 6k pro footage to color grade.

Filmmakers Powergrade

If you're interesting in getting into color grading check out the "Filmmakers Powergrade". The powergrade was created inside of DaVinci Resolve for my latest project you can read more about the Filmmakers Powergrade here.