Free Kodak 2393 LUT

The Kodak 2393 LUT aka the Kodak 2393 LUT Film Print Emulation is one of my favorite Film Print Emulations to use when creating looks inside of Resolve. Davinci Resolve comes with a handful of useful LUTS in the Film Looks folder including some Kodak Print FiIm Emulations, but it does not come with The Kodak 2393 LUT. You can download the LUT below and add it into your Film Looks folder in Resolve.

LUT vs  Film Print Emulation (FPE)

A LUT is a Look Up Table, you can use LUTS to prepare footage for specific devices and you can use LUTS to quickly apply preselected color grades in one click.

Certain LUTS have been created to emulate famous film stocks inside of Davinci Resolve those LUTS are Film Print Emulations. Using a Film Print Emulation is common today to create certain looks inside of Resolve.  For example The very popular Kodak 2383 LUT that comes with Davinci Resolve is a Film Print Emulation.

Film Looks folder in Resolve with Kodak 2393 properly installed

Download the LUT

Kodak 2393

Sample Images:

The images below have been graded inside of Davinci Resolve with the Filmmakers Powergrade which is build with the Kodak 2393 Film Print Emulation LUT.

Install the LUT

Open up your project settings by clicking the small gear in the lower right corner of the window. Under the Color Management tab in the Lookup Tables section click on the Open LUT Folder button and add the Kodak 2393 LUT into you Film Looks folder.

Free Black Magic 6k Footage

Download free Black Magic 6k pro footage to color grade.

Filmmakers Powergrade

If you're interesting in getting into color grading check out the "Filmmakers Powergrade". The powergrade was created inside of DaVinci Resolve for my latest project you can read more about the Filmmakers Powergrade here.