Filmmakers Powergrade

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Filmmakers Power grade for DaVinci Resolve created by Directed by Sergio. The digital download includes a Studio version and regular version for those who are using the free version of DaVinci Resolve.

Filmmakers Powergrade:

The Actual look from the TMC x Puma "Status Symbol" campaign as a powergrade. The look is a modified version of the Kodak 2393 LUT that I included for free along with a few tricks I've picked up along the way, you can watch the look in action below.

I created the look inside of DaVinci resolve using tools you have inside DaVinci Resolve Studio. The powergrade is only for DaVinci Resolve and should work with the latest versions of Resolve. The powergrade can be used for multiple camera systems but you can expect to adjust tints and teampature to match shots. In the project above the main camera close up was shot with an ARRI Alexa and the wide is shot with a Black Magic 6k pro.

How it works ?

The powergrade will go in your Powergrade folder inside of DaVinci Resolve in the color tab and it's as easy as right clicking on the powergrade and appending to the desired clip. The Filmmakers Powergrade was made with DaVinci Resolve Studio but comes with an alternative version that can be used with the free version of DaVinci Resolve.

What is a Powergrade ?

A Powergrade is very similar to a LUT, the only difference is that you have control over every individual node that makes up that look so you have a lot more control over that look and can adjust it as you see fit. You also will get insight on how I string together my node tree and how I do specific things such as noise removal and adding back in grain to the image. Some of these things I have developed over the years and are great tools to have in any colorist bag.

Below is an image with a before and after with the Filmmakers Powergrade applied: On the left the Filmmakers Powergrade is applied and on the right is the log image that came straight out of the camera. In this case it is Arri Log C.

Sample images:

The Sample Images below were shot on two cameras: The close up is shot on the ARRI Alexa Mini with Arri Log C color gamut and the wide shot from A Black Magic 6K Pro using Black magics color Gamut.

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